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How to create a culinary channel in Tik Tok

TikTok is gaining popularity with useful content with practical life hacks and step-by-step instructions. Spectators especially like culinary channels with interesting recipes for various dishes accompanied by musical hits or with humorous explanations of chefs. The authors of such blogs can be professional pastry chefs, restaurant owners and enthusiastic amateurs with an original idea and high-quality equipment.

In today's article, you will learn how to properly design and promote a culinary blog on Tik Tok. Get a selection of ideas and helpful blogging tips.

Choice of ideas and topics

Start with positioning - it will help you stand out from the competition.

Recipe type

Better to choose a narrow niche. This way you will be able to define your target audience as accurately as possible and be able to establish a strong connection with it.

For example, you can post only vegetarian recipes or create content for nutritionists. Alternatively, specialize in dishes from a specific country.

The tone of addressing the target audience

Depending on the preferences of your audience and the tasks set, you can communicate with subscribers as a specialist or a friend. In the first case, you need to focus on your expertise and experience, in the second - on a friendly atmosphere, stories and sincere confessions.


Come up with your own feature that will make your food channel memorable.

Videos with recipes for dishes that are "cooked" by pets look creative and cute in TikTok.

Account registration

Come up with a name for your channel based on its specifics. For example: @pp_food_blog for the nutrition blog, @home_food for homemade recipes. Or @keksiki, @compot - depending on your niche.

Add a USP to your description, that is, a unique selling proposition. Write how you are different from others, how you will benefit the subscriber.

Think ahead of time how your video covers will look. We recommend that you download ready-made versions of covers, made in the same style and color.

Creation of copyright content

Make a content plan and outline at least 50-60 topics for future videos.

The standard video recipe template looks like this:


Demonstration of the result.

List of ingredients and proportions.

Cooking process.

Overview of the finished dish.

Call to action and farewell to viewers.

Experiment with light and camera angles to create a delicious video that will be featured in Recommendations.

TikTok cooking channel post ideas:


reviews of restaurants and coffee shops;

culinary reviews;

tricks and life hacks;

recipes by destination (cakes, snacks, salads);

slimming dishes;

recipes for diseases;

holiday recipes for the New Year, Maslenitsa, March 8.

Pay attention to the length of the video. Ideally, you need to keep within 15 seconds, which means you should remove the display of goods, long transitions and detailed cutting of products from the video. Leave only the essentials in the frame.

We recommend not to split the video into several parts like "Continue after 24 hours" - this only annoys users.

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